Podium Finish at 12 Hours of Lodi

Markley went down to Lodi Farm in Fredericksburg, Va for the 11th running of 12 Hours of Lodi. He competed in the Solo division and put in a gutted effort that netted in a 3rd place result. Lodi is a 10 mile single track trail that is littered with technical obstacles that wind through a maze of jutting roots and gnarly hill climbs. After 12 hours of riding this trail you feel like you have been operating  a jack hammer for a week. Halfway in to the race the rain came and created a muck of slippery terrain that slowed the pace down and gummed up the bike components. Competitors started dropping and bikes started failing, but Markley kept on chugging for a great finish. While out on the trail and being no stranger to hallucinations due to adventure racing, Markley began to see mice scampering across the trails. At first this appeared to be another one of his hallucinatory escapades that he has grown accustomed too over the years. After riding for a bit longer and continuing to see the mice he decided they were for real and were actually guides that kept him on the trail for a memorable finish.

A huge thanks goes out to Jackie (Markley’s wife) for supporting him in the pits and providing that TLC that lifts the spirits. She did an amazing job and was a HUGE factor in his success. John Lebeau (Jackie’s dad)came by and provided hamburgers that were delicious, thanks John.

A special thanks goes out to our partners (Price Point/Sette and Kenda) for providing great products that get us through to the end. They were truly tested during this race.

Next up is a 12 hour training ride in West Virginia at the 12 hours of Creek to Peak. Paul and Markley will be meeting there to begin planning and preperation for the BC Bike Race. Using this time to ride together for 12 hours will surely aid them on their quest.

“Living the Dream”

Jackie keeping the pits in order
Jackie keeping the pits in order
Markley crossing the creek
Markley crossing the creek

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