Disaster in the Mud

Paul and Markley met up in Eleanor, WV for a training day while using the 12 hours of Creek to Peak as a staging ground. They went into this race with the mindset of taking it easy (not a competitive focus) and planning their summer  for the BC Bike Race. Good thing, because Eleanor had 13 days of rain in a row and the new trails were obliterated and mud had taken residence. Paul and Markley slogged through the mud at a slow pace not wanting to cause injury or damage to their bikes. This took the form of sliding off the trails, wrecking, and lots of walking. It was epic and a lot was accomplished in regards to the big race this summer. The race director was a great guy and the racers there had positive spirits. It ended up being a social event in the end. The trails in Eleanor are super sweet and on a dry day there is no doubt that it would be a fast course. Next year this could be a 24 hour race according to Larry the race director. Paul had a lot of fun trying to stay clipped into his pedals and that provided comical relief through the day. One word especially stood out from Paul, DISASTER! However, Paul and Markley did have fun and got a lot accomplished. In the end they were covered from head to toe in a clay/mud armor plating that could withstand any air rifle impact.

Thanks to our wonderful partners for all they do. Paul will be taking part in a sprint adventure race this coming weekend. Markley will continue to train with Jackie for the MS 150.


Paul and Markley at Creek to Peak
Paul and Markley at Creek to Peak

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