Training and Preparation for BC

Markley just got back from a 2 week travel escapade that led him to some sweet single track in Virginia, Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi. Every place delivered a great dose of sweat and grinding of the gears. One place that really stood out and delivered a solid single track experience was Raccoon Mountain in Chattanooga Tennessee. The trails wind around the top of Raccoon Mountain with a reservoir in the middle. The trail had great technical sections and plenty of climbing. Just when you thought there wouldn’t be a break from the pounding, the trail would open up with sweet rolling descents that flowed right into your groove. Overall a great ride and highly recommended. Other trails ridden that deserve attention are: Oak Mountain State Park trails in Birmingham, Alabama; Bonita Lake trails in Meridian, Mississippi; Wakefield Park trails in Springfield, Virginia; Panther Creek State Park trails in Morristown, Tennessee.

Paul has been getting our uniforms ready for the BC Bike Race and they should look sweet. He is training hard as ever and ready to meet the challenge. BC Bike Race is only several weeks away and the energy is building for Team Crank as they look forward to putting in a solid effort and having a lot of fun. There will be an update here before leaving on our cross country trip to Vancouver, BC.

Jackie and Markley will be riding in the MS 150 this weekend. The forecast is stating there will be heat and heaps of humidity. None the less they will be ready to have a good time and put in the miles in order to help spread the message for MS. Thanks to all who have donated on our behalf for this great cause.

On that note, we have received more donations towards Team Crank’s goal with World Bicycle Relief and we want to thank those who have supported us in this quest. Great people out there with a charitable heart are indeed alive and well.

Markley just finished building his new bike, Santa Cruz Blur LT2. It is a sweet machine and will for sure get ridden and abused. Take a look below at the picture of it in it’s infancy. That pretty finish and pristine look want last long as it will soon be indoctrinated into the world of sweet single track.

Markley's new Santa Cruz
Markley's new Santa Cruz