Cross Country to British Columbia

Well, it is about that time for Team Crank to set off in a north westward direction for the border of British Columbia(BC), Canada. Markley will shoot out of Central Virginia tomorrow morning and arrive tomorrow night in Illinois for an overnighter at Pauls. Both of them will scream out of there early Wednesday morning. They will stop off in Idaho for a short bike jam in order to stretch those weary legs and let the adrenaline out of the cage. The plan is to arrive in Vancouver on Friday afternoon for a two day stay. Sunday (June 28) the race unleashes them out on the famed trails of British Columbia. This mayhem will continue through until they reach Whistler on July 4 (Happy Independence Day).

Excitement is building and all can find out more on the BC Bike Race website where there is a Team Crank page under registered racers. Results from each day could be posted, so check and see. The truck is packed and rest is needed for the cross country chase to BC.

Maybe, just maybe, there will be a new post here on the Team Crank website once Markley and Paul arrive in Vancouver with a pre-race synopsis.

Living the dream is what it is all about folks. Take care and best wishes to all who keep up with us.

One more thing, the Captain and Peyote will have a side mission while on location in BC. As usual it is along the lines of protecting others in harms way. We will be tracking down a mysterious individual that is on the loose up in the BC wilderness. Wolverine has had trouble and has called upon Captain America and Peyote to aid in the capture of this individual. All they have to go on is the picture below. Wish them luck as they continue to keep the world safe.

Mysterious Individual
Mysterious Individual