Bear Stare

Yesterday during a training ride, Markley and a good buddy of his, Dave, were riding a typical training ride up Flattop Mountain. Near the summit they met up with a Black Bear that gave them the stare down. It was an interesting encounter and one that was given respect by both Markley and Dave. The bear was in no rush and paid no attention to the loud mocking and animated body language they displayed for him. After five minutes or so the bear casually gulped down a few more black berries and disappeared down the mountain. The ride continued on with the summit in sight and a deeper reverence for nature’s wild.

Training continues as Team Crank competes in 3 races during August. First, the Lion Heart Adventure Race in Ohiopyle, PA where Markley will meet George for a 26 hour challenge in the Laurel Mountains. This should be a fun one as we will rappel off a rail road trestle for a 150 ft. George and Markley haven’t raced together since January, so it will be great to reunite for some high spirited competition. Markley will be in West Virginia doing the Wild 100 the weekend after the Lion Heart. The Wild 100 is a 100k mountain bike race that incorporates checkpoints that have to be retrieved. This will be like an adventure race, but all on the mountain bike. At the end of August, Markley will make the long drive back out to Illinois to race with Paul in the Thunder Rolls Adventure Race. The Thunder Rolls is a 24 hour race that ventures across two state borders (Illinois and Iowa). August is a busy month and Team Crank plans on having fun and pushing the limit as always.

Stay posted for post race comments and continue Living the Dream.