Headsweats jumps on board with Team Crank

The good people of Headsweats have jumped on board with Team Crank for 2010. They will be providing the team with super awesome head wear. The team has used their head wear products many times over the years. Headsweats makes an awesome cap (Race Hat) that works like no others. It can be worn under your bike and climbing helmet or regular when running or paddling. The great thing about the cap is the fact that it brings sweat to the front of the bill, which keeps it out of your eyes. It is the lightest hat you will put on as well. Markley uses these caps when training, racing and hanging out. He has washed these caps a million times and they hold up without tearing, ripping or fading. It is a must have cap to be placed in your arsenal, regardless of what you do, but especially if you are involved in endurance racing of some form. The Skull Cap is another beauty for those cooler days and it can be worn as well in the summer as it allows heat to escape. On the cooler days it adds a light layer of insulation without overheating your noggin. Check out the link below to see the awesome products kicked out by Headsweats.

Thanks a million Headsweats!



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