Price Point and Sette will be the Elite Sponsor for Team Crank in 2010

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I’m excited to announce that Price Point and Sette will be our Elite Sponsor for 2010. We’re magnanimously stoked about our continued relationship with these guys. They have always been our go to guys since we formed Team Crank back at the end of 2008. We will be riding the Sette Phantom Carbon Mountain Bikes in 2010. We plan to travel to Europe next summer to run the gauntlet in the Trans Alps with these babies. Stay tuned as Markley will document his build of the Phantom Carbon Bike over the next few months. As always, if you want the deal and the quality look no further than Price Point and Sette. 

A special thanks goes out to my California buds at Price Point for your unequivocal belief in Team Crank.


Sette Phantom Carbon Frame
Sette Phantom Carbon Frame