2nd at EX2 Day of Endurance

Another lap down!

I headed up to western Maryland with my wonderful wife to take part in my first duathlon. Not only was this my first duathlon, but I decided to go all out and enter the 9 hour endurance class. I took part in the veteran’s division as I’m now afforded that as I have aged. In Team Crank fashion, it is all out or nothing. We take pride in doing the hardest and most difficult races. This race didn’t let me down. The guys at EX2 put on a fabulous race in an awesome setting at Rock Gap State Park, which is located near Cumberland, Maryland. The schematics of this race broke down into running 5.5 mile laps around a beautiful lake on single track trails for 3 hours. After this was completed, I transitioned over to my bike for the beginning of a jack hammering 9 mile lap gyration on sweet single track for 6 hours. The object was to complete as many laps as possible during the run and bike portion. All laps were treated equally. I must mention that for the previous 2 weeks I have been sick and training has been non-existent for the most part. This worried me a bit as I began a new racing format. However, I knew that my resolve and having Jackie in my corner would give me the strength to overcome. Overcome I did and after 8.5 hours of racing I was able to tally up 9 laps. This came to a total of  71 miles. I completed 17 miles of running and 54 miles of mountain biking. Not bad for a boy who has been under the weather and competing in his first duathlon. I must add that the veteran’s division was stacked with talent and speed. I had to dig deep and stay on guard at all times. There was attack after attack during the race. I had no opportunity to lay back and coast. I went back and forth from 1st and 2nd place throughout the day. At the end of my last lap I had spent my tank and second place was mine. I was very happy with the result and the 2009 race season comes to a close on a high note. I want to thank my wife for her support during the race. Without her I would have been a mess and disorganized. She kept me going and my pits were amazingly fast, which kept me at the top of the pack. This was a great race and I recommend it for those wanting to test their endurance. Summing it up in a few words, it was a 9 hour SPRINT. Thanks to my sponsors for providing quality gear that gets me through these difficult courses and onto the podium. Sette carbon products from Price Point once again came through as I navigated knarly rock gardens continuously throughout the day. Headsweat’s skull caps kept my head at the right temperature throughout the day, which helped me keep my cool. Zym electrolyte tablets kept my electrolytes in balance as I maintained a constant and aggressive pace. Kenda Nevegal tires kept me in the lines I needed while rolling the single track.

Jackie, the ultimate SUPPORT!

Jackie will be taking part in a sprint triathlon this coming weekend. She is doing this for fun and I will be going out with her to support her. I look forward to this adventure as she goes out to have some fun while pushing her limits.