Crank Brothers joins up with Team Crank

Thats right people, Team Crank will be cranking with the Crank Brothers in 2010. I guess it was inevitable that two long lost Crank aficionados would partner up, especially since both wander around in the full tilt world of  mountain biking. We’re stoked to be associated with the fine people at Crank Brothers. They put out the raddest products around. Their wheels look like something you would see on a space rover on Mars. There is no doubt that they have the coolest looking products, but they also stand up to the rigors demanded of them when placed in harsh environments that are associated with all arenas of mountain biking. Markley will be riding their Cobalt Wheels in Blue. Check out their link below to see the range of products they put out. Crank Brothers products will surely spruce up your current bike and give it the mojo needed to overcome the obstacles you shall face on the trails.