Big White Rabbit

In recent news…….a BIG WHITE RABBIT has taken Markley’s bike. While he was out riding the sweet single track trails at his home, out of nowhere a big rabbit appeared. Caught off guard, Markley dumped his bike and ran for cover as he had never seen anything of the sort ever in his adventures. Markley hid behind a big rock and watched the rabbit’s actions unfold. The big white rabbit closed in on Markley’s bike and picked it up. The rabbit then mounted the saddle and began pulling tricks and such to Markley’s amazement. Markley being in a state of shock could do nothing but watch the spectacle take place. During this time the rabbit rode off with his favorite bike and is now running free somewhere in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. If you spot this creature, please let Markley know ASAP! This rabbit is BIG, WHITE and SOPHISTICATED as you will notice from the picture taken from a bystander when this went down. Also, this rabbit has mean technical skills on a mountain bike.









Happy Halloween!