Fall is in the air………

and what a joy it is as the nice cool weather greets us. Pre-winter training has begun and I just had a birthday. I celebrated this by climbing the local mountain behind my home. As I was riding my mountain bike up the inclines of mother nature, I pondered that numbers constrain us and limit us if we focus on them. With this revelation and my general philosophy on life, I will continue to live life as I always have. That is my friends on the edge and full tilt. I feel as good as ever and no doubt can go longer and push harder than I ever could. This is quite a gift for my birthday and I hope that it inspires you to get out and boogie. Below is a picture of Virginia’s fall in bloom. I should have some pics and words soon in regards to the Phantom bike build (stage 1). Also, below is a writeup from Paul as he has continued to live the good life out in the mid-west.











Paul’s update……..

Payton, Mason and I competed in the Governor’s Cross country race over the
weekend at Scott County Park. This is one of our favorite annual races.  The
race included a 2 and 6 mile loops.  While the boys ran the 2 mile loop, I
ran the 6 mile portion.  The race was all on trail, and included several
waist deep creek crossings and rope swings.  The day was a partly cloudy 50
degree day.  I started out comfortable, but ended up cold after getting wet.
It was a blast. 

governors run
Paul and the Gang