Winners at Brokenback Challenge

I took part in a race this past weekend with a group of students from the Blue Ridge School where I work. This 4 person team was made up of 3 students and myself as the faculty member. We participated in the 12th annual Brokenback Challenge. The challenge consisted of a paddle around the lake, 2 mile run, swim across the lake and a mountain bike leg . Fortune had it that I was recruited by a solid group of guys. They asked me to lead out by paddling around the lake. From the start my partner in arms (Mason) and I delivered a wild melee of action in the water, which put us in first place. Our runner (Chardrick)  jumped out with a head start and increased our lead by several minutes. This put our swimmer (Nicholas) into the cold waters of Blue Ridge Lake with a commanding lead that he increased. Mason jumped on his bike and shredded the course in record time. As fortune would have it on that beautiful Sunday our team celebrated a wonderful victory. Our names will be immortalized on the plaque of champions at the Blue Ridge School. I want to thank my team for delivering an unrelenting pace that was truly something to be admired. 

BrokenbackChallenge11809 009
(left to right) Mason, Chardrick, Markley, Nicholas

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