It was an amazing 2009 for Team Crank. Adventure would be an understatement. We lived the dream and dared to live .  We accomplished much and fun was our secret.  Below you will find some tidbits about our 1st year as Team Crank. 

Top 11 tidbits about Team Crank’s 2009: 

11. We drove over 6000 miles to British Columbia to do the BC BIKE RACE, yeahhhhhhh. 

10. We raced in 6 different states (VA,WV,MD,PA,IL,IA) and 2 countries (USA and Canada). 

9. We competed in 13 events over the year. 

8. We won a race in the midwest, but received 6th place for being STUPID. 

7. One race had us starting in negative 8 degree temperatures. 

6. We were on the podium 6 times throughout the year. Could have been 7, STUPID. 

5. Our title sponsor (Price Point) loves us. 

4. We pedaled in the mud for 12 hours just because we could. 

3. British Columbia is beautiful and painful on a mountain bike, especially the North Shore in Vancouver. 

2. Flying is better than driving, but we had FUN! 

1. We have the coolest logo without a freaking doubt. 

A special thanks goes out to our wives, children and support team for always being there and believing. Another big thanks goes out to our sponsors/partners for supporting us in our madness. 

We also raised over $200 for World Bicycle Relief. Thanks to all who contributed. We will continue to raise money next year to reach our goal of $1000. 

2010 will be GRAND my friends. There is a lot planned, we will see how that plays out over the year. One thing is for sure, we will rock ‘n’ roll where ever we go. 

Living the Dream and Daring to Live as always. 

We want to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR. It is great to be and able to do, so go out and take IT. 

TEAM CRANK………..Holla! 

It's been good folks!