You might ask what the title means if your in the US, at least I admit that I didn’t know what it meant. It looks cool and after hearing how to properly say it, I’m sold that it is very cool indeed. For those of you that must know, it is German for paratrooper. That leads me to why I’m writing this post. The crew at Craft Bike Trans Alp powered by Nissan did a very nice writeup about Team Crank and our quest this summer. It is in German and I’m determined to learn more of this cool language. It is powerful sounding and I like that. We appreciate their interest in us and we can’t wait to get over there this summer and mingle with all the riders and Trans Alp crew out on a course that will surely challenge us. Thanks for the story and support.

If you would like to check out the article, you can see it at http://www.bike-transalp.de/ It is in German and it is cool to look at and try to figure out. I think they might not want us to know what it says, because we might be in trouble. One thing is for sure, we will have FUN, even if it means getting in trouble. The article will be translated into English and you will be able to see it at  http://www.bike-transalp.de/englisch/ when it is done.

I should have the Sette Phantom finished this week. I will put up a post about its final stage of metamorphosis, hopefully this weekend.



2 thoughts on “Fallschirmjäger

  1. Hi Folks,

    Markus and me are the Iwisch-Bikers. We are looking forward meeting you at the Trans-Alp in July. For me it is a challenge but Markus is a 2007 Finisher. If you need some translation I will do that for you (If I have enough breath left ;-))

    Cheers from Bavaria


    1. Hannes

      Cheers to you and Markus. We look forward to meeting you as well. The race is going to be epic. Thanks for the offer of translating and I’m sure we will take you up on it once we’re there. I’m sure directions and such will be a challenge, so I very much appreciate the support. Keep training my friend.


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