Stage 3

I had some free time today and was able to finish the Phantom a bit early. It is a beauty and feather light. It comes in just over 19lbs with pedals. Most figures you see out there are without the pedals added in on the final weight. So, technically using that format it would be under 19. Anyway, it is light and I look forward to getting out there on the mountain to see how it drives. This is the bike I will ride in the Trans Alp Race this summer and it shall be tested to the max and then some.

Stage 3 was the final stage of metamorphosis and mainly consisted of the drivetrain. The parts used to complete the drivetrain follow:

Shimano XTR Cassette (M970), Shimano XTR Rr. Derailleur (M971), Shimano XTR Ft. Derailleur (M971), Shimano XTR Rapid Fire Shifters (M970), Shimano XTR Crankset (M970), SRAM PC 991 Chain, Crank Brothers Candy 2Ti Pedals, Sette Carbon Fiber Frame Protection Patches, Sette Neoprene Chain Guard and Team Crank Sticker.

That does it folks and I have provided a few pictures below, so you can behold the cosmic beast. I will get some pictures of it in action soon.

For other parts used on the Phantom creation, follow the links below:

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