Trainer Blues

Don’t get me wrong, the trainer has been good to me so far this winter. However, winter continues to unleash the fluffy stuff on us in the Mid-Atlantic, specifically Virginia. I miss the trails and the outside air, while thrashing through gnarly singletrack. That will have to wait a bit longer as we’re once again watching white flakes fall to the already 2feet on the ground. I will continue to ride my trainer and never doubt its effectiveness. It has been a plus in keeping me in shape this winter, for without it I would be a vegetative mess. I do long for the day when I’m not staring at a monitor in front of me, while I pedal endlessly through the hot thick air in our spare bedroom. I have been getting in the gym for some weight training and since the snow is on the ground, I have taken up sledding. Sledding is fun and you don’t need skill to do it. You can just fall down and go. I have been using my river board as a sled. It is awesome and fast. Now you might ask why a river board, well let me tell you. Expedition Adventure Racing at times requires a river board to navigate through white water. These opportunities have been minimal as of late. So, it takes up a spot in the closet collecting dust and I thought why not. I told my dad this and he recounted when he was a kid that he used trash can lids. Similar and both effective at launching down a snow covered hill. You got to make the most of it folks. I will soldier on and training will continue even if it means on my reliable trainer for it has been loyal and dependable unlike the weather.

Sled Boarding

2 thoughts on “Trainer Blues

  1. Hi Folks, we have nearly the same weather over here. I bought Spikes for my bike and the right clothing not to get the trainer blues. As long as the snow is not too much on the street it is the right training in winter for me. I use my bike to comute to work every day. You can see the last workout here: http:// It is too slow by now but I will improve.

    1. I have the clothing, but it looks like if it keeps up I will be purchasing some studded tires. I think the weather might clear up soon, fingers crossed.

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