Maiden Voyage of the Phantom (Review of the Sette Phantom)


3 days ago

I took the Team Crank customized Sette Phantom out today for it’s maiden voyage. First off, the temperature was 64 and the sun was shining bright. A change from my last week being spent in Iceland. We have had a tough winter here this year, so today was a treat. I took advantage of this weather and cast out on my new Phantom. I covered 16 miles with nearly 4000 ft. of elevation, 3000 of that coming in the first 6 miles.

I write this review with a smile as I will be experiencing this all year on a bike that is super tight, while delivering a sweet ride. It is a climbing machine as the geometry for me was absolutely perfect. With the combination of the Crank Brothers Cobalt Wheels this dude delivered a super smooth and engaging performance on the climbs. It was like riding an escalator, never missing a beat. Let me say this in a different way, it accelerates exceptionally smooth up without feeling spent.

The handling was railing over the gravel and dirt without a problem. I can’t imagine what it would be like with a wider set of tires as I have some narrow 1.95s on it now. The Phantom is nimble and agile producing an ability to manuver and place the bike where you want it at any given time. This is due in part to the lightness of the bike and the geometry.

It can absorb a pounding as I plummetted downhill purposely beating it over rocks and jumps. I never felt nervous or did I feel any vibrations within the frame as it was stressed over the terrain. I was so impressed with this machine that I can’t wait to get out on it and ride again and again.

The customized setup I have is deadon for me. It is fun and aggressive. It should be the perfect machine for the Trans Alp Race.

In my opinion, you can’t go wrong with this bike. I mean dang man, it is freaking fun to ride. This is a cross country dream ride.

The stock Phantom Elite that you can get at Price Point performed in the same manner as mine. I say this after riding it in the San Gabriel Mountains of California. The setup that it comes with is stellar and mirrors the performance of mine.

Five star all the way folks!

Team Crank Version
Stock Version

8 thoughts on “Maiden Voyage of the Phantom (Review of the Sette Phantom)

    1. Thanks for the response. I have to be honest with you that at this time, I have no dislikes other than maybe a general caution of how strong carbon (any carbon bike) is and will hold up over time. I have ridden the aluminum bikes for a long time. Sette has a 5 year warranty on their carbon frames, so that allieveates a lot of concern. Meaning that they’re standing behind their product. However, at this point the bike seems to be super strong and durable. It will get tested in the Trans Alp race this summer. That is also the information I’m getting from the company as well that they haven’t had any returns or frames breaking. Building the bike was a dream, everything fit perfectly and went together well without having to modify or engineer any thing to make it work. Super sharp to the eyes and handles smoothly with purpose.

  1. Dude, I am much encouraged by your review, and can’t wait to get mine. I had a beautiful and awesome Cannondale Taurine Carbon 1 get stolen a few weeks back, and have been anguishing over the purchase of a new ride. I came across their (Sette) add in a magazine I’ve already read a few times over, almost like I’d never seen it before.

    Anyway, after talking the ears off of a Price Point customer service rep, I decided to pull the trigger. This bike (the Phantom Elite) comes with a ridiculous(!) spec sheet and I just had to see for myself if it was true…

    So I should have it assembled by Wed. night, and take it for the maiden voyage on Thur. I’ll be hitting some singletrack around San Clemente or maybe the San Juan Trail.

    But dude, please hit me back and let’s talk a little. I want to know how your bike is doing, if you’ve had any issues yet, etc… Thanks a ton!

    1. Landon,

      Cheers to you man. I’m glad to hear that you’re jumping on the phantom. I believe you will be a happy camper. I look forward to hearing about your voyage and adventures. My phantom is doing great and it is amazingly agile. You can put it whereever you please and it can climb like nobodys business. I will post throughout the year about it, especially at the Trans Alp race this summer.

      Have fun!

  2. Nice review! I was curious how your sizing worked out? I’m 6’2″, 165 lbs, and 33″ inseam and was thinking of the large or X-large. Any input is appreciated!



    1. Dan

      Thanks for the comment. I’m a shortie, so it was easy for me on the sizing and the small frame works well for me. However, I could use a medium just fine, but I like to be able to have room for movement. I would recommend an xl for you. That is also what the sizing specs for the Phantom recommend.–/Sette-Phantom-Carbon-Mountain-Bike.htm
      What I would do is contact sette directly for any specific questions in order to make the best decision for your measurements.
      Good luck! Have fun riding!

  3. teamcrank,
    Just wanted to say thank you for your reviews because it is the reason I purchased a sette phantom frame and could not be happier. I just finished the custom build and it rides like a dream. The frame is supper light, strong and beutiful. My custom build is as follows.

    sette phantom frame
    sram x.9 rear derailleur
    sram x.9 shifters
    sram x-o pg-990 cassette
    sram pc-991 crossstep chain
    shimano xt fd-m771 front derailleur
    avid bb7 w/g2 disk brakes
    avid bb7 brake levers
    mavic crossride disk wheelset
    maxxis high roller klevar tires
    green slime inner tubes
    shimano es-51 bottom bracket
    shimano deore fc-m521 crankset
    wellgo b-77 pedals
    rockshox recon 351 u-turn fork
    truvativ stylo worldcup alloy handlebar
    truvativ stylo worldcup alloy stem
    cane creek zs-3 headset
    carbon spacers
    jagwire hyper cables and housings
    lizard skins carbon frame protectors
    pro xcr bart brent jens carbon seatpost
    serfas h.s.s. saddle
    planet bike light set

    I will try to send pictures for your review

    1. Robert

      Sweet! It looks like you have one heck of a disco roller indeed. I look forward to seeing the pictures. If you send me a few I will post it on our site. Happy riding!

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