Ice Climbing in Iceland



Recently, my wife and I ventured across the waters to Iceland on a wild hair. Thought it would be a cool place to visit. Indeed it was and many joys to be found. We did a plethora of things, but one thing I have been wanting to do for a while is Ice Climb. I mean the vertical climbing type with two axes and crampons. We also did some glacier trekking as well. I was not disappointed as it was truly an invigorating activity with a heavy dose of physical exertion and required stamina. In all I did 4 climbs and 2 of those were very challenging. The glacier we climbed on was truly beautiful with its blue see-through appearance. I have been on glaciers before and have never observed such blue as this one possessed.

That being said, the people are great and the country is truly beautiful with its volcanic topography. Geothermal activity abounds with hot pools to soak in and geysers spouting off. Waterfalls galore adorned the seafront. Big mountains jutting up right off the shores. Interesting enough the name, Iceland,  is misleading. It is a very mild climate that offers year-round activity. They also have good chocolate.

Great trip and I highly recommend it for a venture if you are feeling froggy.

Blue Ice

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