Race Season is HERE!

The first race of the year is nigh……..

It seems like it has been ages since Paul or I have lined up to the start of a race. I will venture out next weekend to Pisgah National Forest in North Carolina for the race formerly known as, “The Most Horrible Thing Ever”. Two weeks from now, Paul will be competing in the Sylvan Island Stampede Mountain Bike Race in Illinois.

aka, “The Most Horrible Thing Ever, now known as the Pisgah 36 Mountain Bike Race is a race that has no prizes and you willingly subject yourself to 36 hours of grinding climbs and never-ending miles to find checkpoints and then report back to headquarters to prove you were there by showing a picture of the checkpoint. This will be my first time competing in this race and I so look forward to it. You might ask why, well this is gut check time. I will come away knowing where my fitness and durability lies. Better to know early and no better way than to jump right in and go big. Also, as with tradition I like to challenge myself by doing these notorious races known for testing your metal. Will see, indeed will see.

I will be very fortunate as two of my good friends will be there supporting me on this endeavor. Both are no strangers in filling the role of support for Team Crank. Trevor and Lee will be managing the Team Crank casa in Pisgah. This means keeping me fueled and prepped for the next leg. One of their biggest roles will be keeping me moving and not lounging when I’m delusional and hallucinating. That being said, I don’t know if that is any different than any other time in my life…………..



2 thoughts on “Race Season is HERE!

  1. What?! I have responsibilities? I thought I was just going to be there to drink free beer. Oh well, maybe I can do both. Looking forward to seeing you, bud!

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