Heading out to Lodi this Saturday

In what I consider my first official race of the year this weekend, it will be a first as I will be on a relay team. I usually go solo in these events, but a couple of my fellow peers at the Blue Ridge School are joining me for 12 hours of relay fun. This will take place at the race known as 12 hours of Lodi. This is a great race and I have been successful here on a couple of occasions. The relay format should provide an interesting experience. I’m feeling good and I know that the team will have fun. In the end that is what it is all about. I will post a race report up next week to summarize our fun.

Training is going well, yesterday I had a great ride with a buddy, Chris, and it was reaffirming to my perceived notion that I’m getting where I need to be as the races approach. Starting in May, the races will be coming and going briskly. I feel as if I’m where I need to be to put in solid efforts and last through the hours of endurance needed to survive in the races that I choose to play at. Most of all I’m ready to enjoy the camaraderie and thrill of racing once again.



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