GMRAS 12 Hour Challenge

Paul recently took part in a 12 Hour Adventure Race known as the GMRAS 12 Hour Challenge. He invited a few folks to join him to compete in the 3 person Co-Ed division. They had a great race with a podium finish. Team Crank has started the year off with 3 podiums so far. Next weekend we (Paul and Markley-for the first time this year) will be competing in the 48 hour Equinox Expedition Race in Covington, VA. Paul and I will be putting our best forth in what is surely to be an all out challenge. We will also be riding the Sette Phantom Mountain Bikes in this race. It will be the bikes official debut for Team Crank. Stay tuned for an exciting story of this upcoming adventure.

Paul’s account of the GMRAS follows:

Paul and Phantom

GMRAS 12 Hour Challenge.

Paul, Kyle Erdmann and Jenny Ewert competed in the GMRAS Spring race in
Maquoketa, Iowa last weekend.  We started at 6:30 am with a 3 mile trail run
through the Maquoketa Caves State Park – a good warm up for a long day.
After the trail run, we transitioned to mountain bikes, knocked out a
handful of check points, and moved up in the ranks.  The Sette Phantom
performed outstanding up many long steep climbs, and down several technical
downhills.  During the biking leg, we stopped off for a couple of hours of bush
wacking and orienteering.  As always, we were dead on with our navigation,
again we moved up.  The next stop along the biking leg was a 60 foot
overhanging rappel.

We transitioned off the bikes into canoe for a long paddle down the
Maquoketa River.  Several checkpoints and one orienteering section was
scattered throughout the canoe leg. After the paddling section, we
transitioned back to mountain bikes for our push to the finish.  With 3K to
the finish, we had a team closing fast up the steep climbs.  We rallied
together, pushed hard to the finish and hung on for 5th overall, third in
our division.

Thanks to Autumn and Payton for a super job of supporting us.  This was a
good tune up for Team Cranks first official debut of the year at
Equinox June 3 in Virginia.


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