Single Track Video

Yes, I have had some time on hand. A buddy and I went out the other day to Walnut Creek and did some filming. We were able to get some fast single track (in my world) caught on video. I hope to get more of these out through the year. Click on the logo below to watch.

Looks like the Equinox (48 hour Expedition Adventure Race) is going to be one heck of a challenge. There will be no resupply areas. That means we have to carry all we need for the course and sustenance for the 48 hour period from the beginning. That could be considered just plain mean. We look at it as just another obstacle. Actually, it is these very conditions that attract us. Some may say, “you need help.” Maybe, but we will continue on with our mission of facing insanity square in the face with a fight.

The Equinox is June 4-6, and after that I head out to Wyoming for some climbing in the Tetons. I will post reports from both adventures when I get back. I might be able to do a quick update from the road as both of these events run together.

Keep on keeping on!


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