Packing for the Craft Trans Alp Mtb Stage Race

Oh yeah, Team Crank is ready and at the moment I’m packing the bike (Sette Phantom) and gear for the shuttle across the Atlantic. Paul and I leave tomorrow on an aeroplane bound for Zurich. We will catch a train for Fussen after a one day rest in Zurich. We will have a few days to acclimate and get our bodies somewhat used to the time difference. It will be over the top exciting and I’m amped up for the alps. The Craft Trans Alp Mountain Bike Stage Race will cover around 400 miles with over 65,ooo feet of elevation gain. This will all take place in the alps of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. The race starts in Fussen, Germany with over 500 teams from all over the world. Each team consists of 2 mountain bikers that race a new course everyday and then chill at night to begin it all over again the next day. Always heading for a new destination each day and this goes on for 8 days. Team Crank will be only one of two teams from the good ole USA.

Our goal as always in these major international races is to finish. If you don’t finish then you really can’t place now can you. Being a grassroots team our focus is to gain experience by racing in a beautiful environment with solid mountain bike racers. I believe Europe will deliver ten times over. The people we will meet and the places we will see is worth every pedal stroke. My plan is to update the blog while we are over there. That is of course if I can get wi-fi. We will be taking video while we are racing, so expect some sweet footage upon our return. You can also keep up with the race at their website

So, wish us luck and send us some super sweet vibes. All the best and let the fun begin!


Team Crank

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