Stage 4

It has been a doozy here in Europe and we’re now in Italy.
Stage 4 complete and this race is truly one of the most difficult undertakings that Paul and I have ever stepped in to tackle. We’re well and beat everyday, but always ready to go at it again. The Alps are amazing and truly majestic. The climbing here is so difficult that I can’t describe as I have never climbed this much in my life. Tommorrow is the crux day and will be a long one. Sleep tonight and staying hydrated, so we can continue forward. Great people in each country and the places we go through are truly special. We haven’t had signal to make contact with the world, so it could be a while before our next update. Halfway through and we both miss our wife’s voices. We will keep cranking, so keep us on your minds and positive vibes sailing our way. The Sette Phantoms are doing great for us.
Cheers and good night.


2 thoughts on “Stage 4

  1. Hi. So glad it is going well. Do not see how y’all climb like that! Amazing. Doing great over there. Take care.
    Love and prayers,
    Parents in Mississippi

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