Back in Zurich

From on Picassa

WE DID IT! Official Finishers of the 2010 Trans Alp MTB Race. It was a spectacular adventure from all angles. When I get home in a few days I will post a huge writeup of the fantastic feat. It will cover a nasty wreck that almost put us out of the race within the first 30 minutes to our adventures of missed trains today. I hope everyone is jamming on all cylinders as we recover and try to get home.

Team Crank


2 thoughts on “Back in Zurich

  1. Hi Guys,

    It was a pleasure to meet such nice and tough guys like you are. I am proud of having the chance to ride with you. I hope we will meet again next year at Craft Bike-Transalp 2011. It might be more spectacular, because it will lead through the Dolomiten, which are the most beautiful part of the alps. Markus and me arrived back home in Bavaria at 4:30 am.

    Have a good trip back to the States

    Best regards

    Hannes and Markus The Bavarian Iwisch Bikers

    1. Hannes
      It was a pleasure to ride with you in a race that was truly epic and not for the faint hearted. Great accomplishment for us. Glad you’re back safely. Best wishes to Markus on his knee. Chilling in Zurich and will get home Wednesday. Come see us.

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