Squirt has joined with Team Crank to supply us with our chain lube of choice. We were introduced to this great product in the Trans Alp Stage Race. The guys behind this product are real mountain bikers and are in the brotherhood. They understand what it is we mountain bikers need out there in conditions that push ourselves and our bikes to the breaking point. We used Squirt on our chains daily as we headed out on each demanding stage. We were amazingly impressed with the quality of the lube. Squirt held up under extremely dry and dusty conditions never allowing buildup on the chain, always maintaining lubrication. We also faced significant rain and muddy conditions during stage 7 and guess what? Yes, Squirt kept our chain lubed and shed the mud and dirt, which allowed us to drive on to the finish. We highly recommend Squirt chain lube. In addition to the many beneficial qualities it has, it is also biodegradable. Win win situation if you ask me. Below is a summary of Squirt. After you read it, click on the Squirt logo and check out their website and purchase some. You won’t be disappointed. Team Crank is pumped about our partnership with these super guys. I knew we could depend on them at the aid stations and it was always a pleasure to see their smiling faces.

“Squirt is a NEW GENERATION emulsion chain lubricant. It lubricates better, stays on the chain longer and keeps the chain clean. It is a wax based, long lasting dry lube that does not contain harmful solvents and is environmentally friendly. This liquid lubricant has unique properties, making it ideal for any cycling condition. It was developed to give better lubrication, last longer and keep the chain clean over long distances, for both mountain biking and road cycling. No degreasing is required or recommended.”


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