Injuries, Work, Racing and a Video

Rocking the Mountain

The picture is of me coming down one of the many mountains in the Trans Alp. It is a cool picture not just because it is me, but the setting and the mountain bikes place in it is awesome. Now that things have settled a bit and work is about to commence for me once again. Yes, I work in the education field, so I do have summers off. Before you start hating, remember you had and still do have a choice to alter your lifestyle, so you can play like me. I have done one race since my return from the Trans Alp. I did a 9 hour mountain bike race near home only after 10 days of being removed from the Trans Alp. I probably should have waited a bit for something that long, but I figured it would be a good recovery ride, so to speak. I knew my endurance would be faulty late in the race, but oh well. I lined up on the front line and got the hole shot with a duo guy and we slammed the first lap with a blazing time. I was able to maintain first place in the Men’s Open Solo Division for 15 miles, before I started my slow but steady descent into the land of fatigue. However, I did have the fastest solo lap time and did lead the race for 15 miles. Speed is there, but the endurance fell off as I expected. In the end on a hot day in central Virginia, I managed a top 5. Not bad for a beat up and unrecovered mountain biker. I was happy. Since then, I have started to feel the pain from the many wrecks I have succumbed to over the year. I guess that most of these wrecks have occurred due to me pushing it harder, which is good (the pushing harder), but the body is really mad at me. Recently, like 5 days ago, I wrecked and slammed my left shoulder on a bridge. It has become inflamed and I can hardly rotate the thing. I’m sure it didn’t help that I also fell on it during the 9 hours of Hilbert Mtb Race and took my worst fall ever in the Trans Alp, which resulted in the same shoulder getting slammed into the pavement at over 25 mph. Tomorrow, I see a specialist and maybe he can sort it out. I have been riding regardless, although I’m trying to stay off single-track, which is hard folks. I do this by assisting my limp arm with my other arm onto the handlebar and I don’t move it until I’m done riding. I know, I shouldn’t but it is hard not doing what you’re passionate about. In the warrior mindset, I continue on and push even though it is not always easy, but it is what I know and I will continue to soldier on.

Paul recently got 1st in a local duathlon, congrats to him. He has a few more races lined up as do I. Team Crank has been in a bunch of races this year with great showings. Can’t be more proud of our efforts this year. Next year is going to be even better, I just feel it.

If you don’t know this, then you need too. Sette has just released their new bike line and it is smoking hot. We will be riding these machines next year. Of course, I will have reviews coming later in the year. Go check these machines out at and you can purchase them at Sette has stepped it up and you will be wanting to rip and zip some trail with these bikes. 

Take care and I will keep on keeping on!



3 thoughts on “Injuries, Work, Racing and a Video

  1. Markley,

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing.

    Do you remember when you first started mountain biking back in Mississippi and I could ride circles around you and that old heavy bike you had? Not anymore, but I did a nice ride to the TOP and back down the mountain bike park in Winter Park, CO.

    I miss our weekend training hikes, canoeing, bike riding, climbing, and whatever else you could think of!

    Take care and always keep in touch,

    1. Sam,

      Great to hear from you and yes, you introduced me to this world of mountain biking. I can’t thank you enough. I love it and have kept on riding. We must get together and ride again. The old days were awesome for sure and it was a pleasure to have you out there. Keep on doing it brother.


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