ESI Grips

Yes, ESI (Extreme Steering Inc) has jumped aboard to aid Team Crank with their super sweet silicone grips. These grips are amazing. I used them in the Trans Alp Race and they performed brilliantly. It didn’t matter if my hands were soaked in sweat or I was chattering down a field of baby heads, ESI grips performed without fail. I will have these grips on all of my bikes from here out. The cool thing is that they have multiple colors for your decorating needs. The grips come in two styles, one is beefier for more comfort and the other is super light for those conscious about bike weight. Here is a breakdown from ESI’s website about these must have grips and the benefits of silicone.

Benefits of Silicone


“Grip – Wet or dry, your hands stay put!  –  Slip-proof, yet not sticky!

“Comfort” – Reduces Hand numbness – Fatigue – Arm pump

“Wear” – UV resistant – Non-Pores – Will not harden or fade

“Bar Adhesion” – No glue, hairspray, or lock-ons required! These grips will not throttle!

“Elements” – Withstands severe Temperatures – Climates – any condition you can throw at it!

“Maintenance” – Washable – Install/Remove with – Rubbing Alcohol – Window cleaner – Compressed Air

Take a visit to their website and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks ESI!


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