Serum Elite has landed

Indeed my friends, the new super carbon Serum Elite has landed at my doorstep. It is a thing of beauty with its 3k filament weave and Hi Modulus carbon fiber technology. This is the 17 inch (medium) frame and it comes in at 2.5 lbs. Light is an understatement. The graphics are sweet and crisp giving it a high-end look for sure, which is topped off with a matte finish, NICE. The derailleur cables route through the top tube making it nice and sleek as well as protecting the cables from sweat, dirt and other destructive materials. This means the cables stay nice and lubricated giving you longer cable life. I can’t wait to build this bike up, so I can rip and zip. As I build the Serum up, I will post its progress. Even with the Alien seat post that I have already planted in it, it still weighs under 3 lbs.


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