Mayhem XC Race

I decided to head down south a bit to the Roanoke-Lynchburg area for a XC race. I have been working on my speed this year and there is no better way to test that out then by going full tilt for  2 hours. The course was a very sweet one indeed. It was a freshly combed labyrinth of single track that spiraled up and down begging you to go faster. I was very pleased with  the course out at Bedford Park. The race was ran well and had a very cool vibe. I competed in the Expert/Cat 1 division against some fast riders. I jumped out of the gates with the holeshot, but sorta blew myself up doing that and went into recovery mode for a bit. Settling into 4th place while we made 3 interior loops off the lead in trail. After the third loop, we entered back onto the lead in trail back to the finish. Being that I race endurance style, it usually takes me a bit to get warmed up and this day was no different. On the final lap, I came into my rhythm and put the hammer down allowing me to jump up to third for the podium. Won a few dollars and came home feeling good about my performance. I believe that XC racing really helps endurance guys work on their high-end, which is needed time to time in endurance events. I will continue to add them into my race schedule throughout the year as a litmus test, so I don’t get soft. Enjoyed racing with a great group of people in a super cool place. Keep up the good work out there at Bedford Park. The picture is from the race management, which was taken out on the course. The chocolate cake at the finish was DELICIOUS!


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