1st at Creek to Peak

Finally, after dancing on the podium all year and being in the lead during more than a few races. I was able to seal the deal and take the top spot at the 12 hours of Creek to Peak Mountain Bike Race in West Virginia. I had to earn it and that is the only way I want it. We started the race on a foggy morning to be welcomed by a super fun and very technical single track course that twisted up and down for nearly 13 miles and consumed over 1500 feet of elevation per lap. Like I said, the course was beautiful and a treat to ride, but it beat you and I never was able to take my eyes off the course that was littered with rock obstacles and jarring hits. One particular section, aptly named “Face Plant” was a teeter totting balance work of art and another named “Cliffs Edge” had you precariously holding onto the cliffs edge while trying to avoid falling off a slope that would make any amusement park envious. One of my favorite sections was a rip-roaring, body english, bike sliding hoorah. It required you to drift the bike through two turns ever so sweetly down a loose embankment, which shot you out into warp drive, FUN. These sections will make you feel like a kid again, man I love it. I had some good competition and one guy in particular kept me honest and pushed me all the way to the end. I came in sore and wasted at 11  hours, 90 miles and 11,000 feet of mind-blowing boogie woogie on a mountain bike. What a way to finish the season! Trevor was awesome, he has become my right hand man out there racing this year. He has supported me at the long races and I can’t say enough about his positive attitude and attention to detail. He knows what I need and when I want it. Thanks bud for all the support this year. Now it is time for some rest and recovery from a phenomenal season filled with accomplishments and punishing blows. Next year will be big, but more on that later in the year.

I want to add that Larry Perkins, the race director, is a class act and puts on one of the best mountain bike races I have attended. I have never seen a more laid back atmosphere and positive vibe. We traveled 5 hours to race the Creek to Peak, he offered Trevor and I a room at his house after the race. You just don’t see that these days. Major props to Larry and his volunteers. It was a joy to race and we will be back. Putnam County Park has an incredible maze of sweet single track. Get out there and ride, you will see. Most of all get out and race one of Larry’s events next year, you won’t regret it. He gives great prizes and he even comes out on the course. Sorry for the wreck while following me. They even had a film crew out filming us during the race. I look forward to seeing the footage. If that isn’t enough, there is a statue of Paul Bunyan to gander at who I imagine keeps the riff raff away during the wee hours of the morning.



2 thoughts on “1st at Creek to Peak

  1. Your Welcome Dude!!!!!! Looking forward to next year and supporting you in even a better year!!!!! You know that’s right!

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