2010 in Review

Life is good and 2010 has been one heck of an adventure. It has been a stellar year filled with victory, kilts and road rash. I find myself confronting winter and starting my cross training regime. Fortunately, I coach the Strength and Conditioning team at Blue Ridge School, so I get an extra push from the teenagers as I try to keep up with them. We flip tractor tires and run with logs up mountains, just to give you an idea. I ride a bit less in the winter, but not to the point where my conditioning suffers. I find it beneficial to cut back a bit in the winter and engage in other activities to rebuild strength and fortify my endurance. Also, it is a great time to let my injuries heal. That being said, once I return from Christmas my riding will once again take precedence. I hope all of you find winter as a time to engage yourselves in activity. Don’t let old man winter keep you inside. There are plenty of things one can do to stay in shape and still enjoy the outdoors.

I’m starting to put together the race schedule for next year. It will be big and I can’t wait for the first race to get here. The plan as of now is to compete in the most epic mountain bike race known. I will divulge more on that later. If you are in the know about races, then you should be able to figure it out. The Sette Serum has been seeing some great rides and tons of ascents. It has performed stellar and next year it will be the machine to be on as I tackle the mystery race. All of our great sponsors are back for next year. I would like to give a big THANKYOU to Sette and Price Point for their continued support. For a grassroots team in this day and time, we are very fortunate to be partnered up with these guys.

Oh yeah, 2010 was unbelievable. Below, I have listed some of the highlights (in no order) for 2010.

12. Making great friends across the globe

11. Racing in improvised kilts to the podium at the 48 hours of Equinox Expedition Race

10. Official Finishers of the Trans Alp MTB Stage Race

9. Awesome sponsors

8. Hitting the pavement at over 25 mph somewhere between Germany and Austria

7. Amazing support team (Trevor, Jackie and Autumn) and awesome wives that believe

6. Seven podiums

5. Realizing recovery takes longer these days

4. Getting faster but wrecking more

3. Sette Bikes

2. Staying true to our creed of taking on the hardest races in the land

1. Amped and ready for 2011 racing season to begin

Happy Holidays to everyone out there. To all of you mountain bikers, keep riding for it is the way! You know what I mean. For those of you who don’t ride, get a bike and start. You also will find the way.

Cheers, Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!
Now get out there and start living it!

Team Crank


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