Winter Training

Oh yes, it is that time of the year we all dread. Dressing up with layer upon layer and venturing outside to get in those required base miles. Halfway into it, you have to unlayer and then relayer as needed. Snot freezing to your face and tears blurring your vision, while your tires crumble upon frozen tundra. Fun it is, well maybe not so fun, but it is necessary. I have slowly gotten into a rhythm and I find once you get going, it isn’t so bad or at least thats what I tell myself. Could be the repetitive freezing of my gray matter that makes it easier for me to convince myself that this is normal. Base miles are critical for me this year in my preparation for the Tour Divide. The trainer is always the go to machine when I run out of daylight. I get bored very quickly on the trainer, but it works folks. I have been incorporating a lot of cross training exercises and that really helps balance the monotony of cold winter days. Hope all is well with your training, whatever that might be.



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