Tour Divide training is coming along

Training for the Tour Divide is coming along. When you take on something this big and you want to do it right, you must start planning way out. I have my handlebar packing setup, which is my sleeping system. It comes in at 3.7 lbs, not bad for a sleeping bag, bivy and mat along with the bags and straps to secure it to the handlebars. I have been getting out for some longer rides and tons of climbing. I still have tons of gear and bike setup to get and complete for the Tour Divide. Eventually, I will have that sorted, lots to think about and have when you’re alone on the Continental Divide for 2700 miles with no support. I will be attending the Huracan 300 next week, which is  a 300 mile mountain bike race in a loop format in central Florida. I plan to do it as an ITT (individual time trial), which will be like the Tour Divide format. I’m using this as a training opportunity to sit in the saddle for a long time and get used to my GPS for navigation. All of this will apply to the Tour Divide. Of course, I will be aiming for a competitive finish. Cheers!

Huracan 300 Bike
My staple ride, Old Flattop!



2 thoughts on “Tour Divide training is coming along

  1. Markley,

    I just want to take a scissors and cut that little beard off!

    Seriously, I’m with you in spirit – training for the Marine Corps Marathon in October and riding as much as I can around the ice and snow.

    I have a friend who wants to ride (not race) the Divide. He and I have already spent a week riding and hiking in Moab. We were thinking about riding it one week at a time over a few years as vacation and family allows.

    Since he still lives in Southern Arizona (not too far from the end of the trail) we are working out a way to pick you up in New Mexico, get you a shower or two, some rest, food, cerveza, and deliver you to the Tucson airport . Let me know if you want our help at the end of your epic journey.


  2. Sam

    Thanks bud for thinking of me. My wife is going to meet me at the end. Maybe you guys could meet her in Tucson and ride with her to meet me and we can hang out a few days. Cerveza and all. It would be great to see you.
    I like your plan to do the route. Something that builds over time and adds pieces to the gigantic puzzle each year.

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