Southern Traverse and Huracan 300

Had a phenom ride out in the George Washington National Forest with Dave. We took on the Southern Traverse, an epic ride across the Shenandoah Mountain Trail. I believe we were one of the first sets of tires to hit its slopes this year. Leaves are covering the trails as well as downed trees and limbs. This kept us focused as we climbed shark teeth and barreled down the narrow track with a true slope effect ever edging downward into an abyss. Knife edge and off camber romping all day long. Good stuff! Tons of climbing and slingshot singletrack was enjoyed and I figure that come spring when the trail is swept clean, it will be a riot. Great day on the bike with my friend. In two days, I’m off to the Huracan 300 to test my fitness out for the beginning of the race season. I look forward to it as I get to practice my gps skills, nutrition delivery and pace setting that will carryover to the Tour Divide. Long days in the saddle with other Tour Divide contestants will make good for all of us in attendance at Florida’s Ultimate Off Road Endurance Experience. I hear we will wear SPOTS, so live tracking means you can follow me along the gator infested swamps as I try to keep the pedals jamming all day and night until I reach the finish line, 300 miles later. Check out single track samurai and they have a facebook page as well that might have information on the tracking.

Spring training is moving forward in a positive direction. A few pics from the Southern Traverse are below. I took these from stills of video, so avoid the critique as these are in movement at high speeds. Believe that!

Deep Leaves- Wheres the trail?
Rail It
Dave- Rally Boys!
All day long!
Dave- Climb On!

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