Training continues…

I have had a great training week, ending my spring break on a high. After my success at the Huracan 300, I wanted to take advantage and put more miles on my legs and increase saddle time. That is what it will take in the end for the Tour Divide. On Friday, Dave and I went out for a 4 hour ride that was filled with climbs and great weather. Yesterday, I went out for a 100 miler and it ended up being a beast of a ride. The incessant winds had me cranking the pedals continuously over shark teeth climbs. These climbs were killer and I was wasted by the end. In a little over 7 hours and not enough food, I made it back to the truck. I made a bee line for home and ate an entire pizza along with other assorted goodies. I burned over 7000 calories and climbed 12,338 feet on the day over a 100 miles. I’m getting there, must stay consistent and determined. I continue to order gear that I will need for the Tour as I try to figure out what is going to work for me in the myriad of situations that I will come across. I also made my reservations for lodging in Banff. I still need to get my plane ticket, next month.


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