Totally Chilling

Great ride today. 6000 feet of climbing for 3+ hours. I totally had a chill vibe today and really enjoyed it. I even took the video camera out and made a quick vid, which is below. Put some blues music to it in order to get the chill vibe I was feeling.

Everything is ticking along. Got my frame bags and have posted a few pics below of the Serum’s look. I did a dry (without food and water) weigh in with my packing list for the Tour Divide. Now, minus a few things such as spare batteries and other small items, I got a weight of 35lbs. I figure by the time it is ready to rock in June, the Serum will be between 35-37lbs dry. That is a great weight for a setup of this nature. That was my goal all along, so it seems I’m on track. I packed the bags loosely by just throwing the items in the bags. I plan to go back and repack in order to get a tighter and less bulky load. Plan to ride a lot this week. I have a couple of races in May, not too far away. I have been doing a bit more single track lately in order to prep for those races (12 hours of Lodi and 9 hours of Cranky Monkey). Now get out and RIDE!



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