Easter Weekend Training

I took Easter weekend as an opportunity to log some miles and altitude. Over the weekend I was able to amass some significant numbers towards my conditioning for the Tour Divide. In short, I logged 250 miles with 37,000 feet of climbing over 22 hours. I was very pleased with my progression and how the Sette Serum delivered. I have the Serum completely laid out with my suitcases needed for the Tour. Coming in at 35lbs, the Serum rolled and climbed very smoothly. None of my bags created unnecessary movement or play. This was the first time I was able to get the Serum out completely loaded. No adjustments needed. I will note that with the heavier front end, it responds more like a motorcycle in regards to feel and steering. Very different from what I’m used to on my carbon mountain bikes. I hope everyone is in good order and had a great weekend. By the way, on my travels I came across some delicious pretzels that hit the spot. I can see that I will be craving these on the Tour.



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