1st at Cranky Monkey 9 Hour Mountain Bike Race

Oh yeah baby, I’m back. Last week, I had a great result with Chris, but I was off big time. This week, I was on and ready to jam. EX2 puts on great races, especially the Cranky Monkey Mountain Bike Endurance Races. I just felt it on Saturday at Rocky Gap State Park in Maryland along side 350 racers. Trevor and I arrived the evening before and I prerode the course, feeling great. The race started with a LeMans start, which I hate. I was midway in the pack at the beginning and started making my way on the Sette through the traffic. Even with a flat on the second lap and losing 10+ minutes, I was able to bounce.  Rain was predicted but it never came, thank goodness as the roughly 9 mile course was wet and slippery. It would have been a mud bog if rain would have shown. After 350 bikes ran across the course the muck began to spread creating a slip/slide affair all day. Along with the great help of Trevor in my pits, I was able to ride with pop, continuously. I built up a lead early and was able to back off and ride a safe race, while securing the win in my age group’s male solo division. The course was wet and with excess roots and rocks creating havoc on the bike’s path, I was able to navigate without having to ride over my limits. A couple of weeks ago I damaged my left thumb and some of the rocky descents were dicey. The vibration from the rock hopping took a toll on my thumb. This discomfort forced me to be slow on the descents, so I pressed the gas on the big climbs and took advantage of the very flowy sections in the big chain ring. The Sette carbon mountain bike was phenomenal and once again it made a visit to the podium. Thanks to Price Point for keeping me on the best equipment and Trevor for keeping the pits in order. Tour Divide is next, so training and prep for it will take the forefront now. Good times, can’t wait until the next adventure. I will post more pictures from the race, soon.



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