Bye Kyle Simple Strap

Every now and then you come across one of those must have items. The Bye Kyle Simple Strap is one of those items. I happen to know the inventor, creator and mastermind behind these very useful straps. Kyle is one heck of a mountain biker and all around nice guy. Always willing to support the movement. I will be using several of these jazzy straps on my rig for the Tour Divide. You can use them to strap tubes, tools, socks, wet items or whatever you fancy to your bike. They have a padded side, so you won’t scratch or damage that wax job you have on your frame. I have been using these straps for a few years and I don’t hit the trails without one. In an emergency they can really come in handy in such ways as: holding a tube in a punctured/ripped tire, securing loose cables or keeping your flesh together. Try one out and spread the word. Check out the site where they sit for your taking.


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