2011 Sette Serum ISM

I received one sweet bike (Sette Serum ISM) a few weeks ago and let me tell you it is a jewel for those racer types. I will do a review later in the summer that is more complete. However, for the moment I can tell you I’m stoked about this bike. Basically, it is the same frame as the Serum Elite. The main difference is the integrated seat mast on the Serum ISM. This requires cutting the seat mast down to your required length on the pedal stroke. I took caution and used the provided cut guide that came with the bike and made two cuts. If you cut too much off, well that is it and you will be stuck with a seat mast that is too short. I took measurements off my Serum Elite and erred on the side of caution by cutting the first cut slightly less than I needed. I got on the bike in my kit and shoes to get a more accurate measurement in order to make the final dialed in cut. Made the second cut and you got it, fit like a glove. I recommend if you get the Serum ISM to take it to your local bike shop for making the correct measurement and cut for you. This bike is light and you don’t have to fool with seat collars and seat posts. It is loaded with the 2011 XTR package, 30 speed. The only additions I have made to the stock version: Crank Brothers Ti Egg Beater Pedals, Bye Kyle Simple Strap and I will be adding ESI grips soon. If you’re serious about racing XC or Marathon type races, this is the bike without a doubt. Stay tuned for a detailed review later in the summer. At the moment, I have 12 days until the start of the Tour Divide. That is my priority and focus, but I had to get these pics out of this sweet rig. Price Point has the Elite and Serum ISM ready to roll for your single track cravings.



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