8 Days Until Tour Divide Start

I can’t believe that the start is almost here. 8 days and due to the record snows, I feel the start list will recede a bit. I will be there. I imagine we will have mulitple reroutes to use in order to avoid the overwhelmingly deep snow from Banff to Wyoming. This will be an interesting year and one for the books. I start packing this weekend as I leave Tuesday. The biggest thing for me, will be missing my wife. I can’t wait for a sweet reunion at Antelope Wells. Should be romantic as I hear Antelope Wells is the next big vacation/spa area. I did my last big ride today with my racing buddy and training partner, Chris. We had an epic day, 101 miles with 12000 + feet of climbing in 7.5 hours. Feeling good and ready to roll with the warriors that take to the start line in Banff next Friday. I will post (Monday) here on the Team Crank site all of the contact info and how you can follow me in the race. Send me good vibes as I will need them. Now go have a good weekend and ride if you can.



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