Tour Divide 2011 – Party is about to start

Well, well……oh yeah, I’m flying out Tuesday for Banff. The time has come to start this epic thing called the Tour Divide. I’m as ready as I’m going to be. Feel good all around and stoked to be riding/racing my bike across the USA. I have packed up the bike and stuff. For those of you interested in following along as I suffer and find myself out there along the 2700 miles of the Continental Divide, I have placed links below. I will be wearing a SPOT satellite transponder that will keep you aware as to my location. It looks like 75 will tow the line for 20+ days of mayhem. Should be an interesting race, no doubt. Especially, with the snow, flooding and detours this year, there will be lots of new things to be experienced and played out in the 2011 edition of the Tour Divide. Send me good vibes. I will check email when I can. You can leave me a message by commenting to this post here. I’m sure I will have war stories that I will be telling when I’m 85 about this adventure. I don’t plan on putting new posts up here during the race. Keep up with me by clicking on the links below. Cheers to all! Lets get this party started!

Trackleaders (Satellite transponder tracking)

Mtb Cast (I will be calling in and leaving brief messages that you can listen to when you’re bored and really want to hear my sweet voice)

Tour Divide (Race website that also has a link to the tracking chart)


21 thoughts on “Tour Divide 2011 – Party is about to start

  1. Best of luck, safe travels and racing. How are the snow passes looking? Hope you get some warm temps to melt ’em for you. Again, best of luck.


    1. Snow passes have been rerouted or atleast the big ones, but we will still have snow to deal with. Day 1 we will have an 8 mile snow trek. Fun fun. Thanks for the vibe. I will be generating a pulitzer story, no doubt.

  2. It’s a long race, so I know you’ve got to ride conservative. But don’t forget to get a little radical out there from time to time. Enjoy the ride. I’ll be tuned in.

  3. Looks like you will be riding close to Salt lake city, stop by for milk and cookies if you like. Good luck and enjoy!

  4. Wow, it’s great to be able to follow your progress. So you’re doing 16.2 mph right now.
    Good luck1!! We’re praying for a wonderful, thrilling, breathtaking (and safe) ride!!

  5. hi Markley,

    good luck with your adventure! enjoy and keep safe. I’ll arrive in Colorado next week, so maybe we meet on the trail. Will be riding Transalp this year, suffered through Alpentour last week.

    cheers, dewet (squirt lube).

  6. Man!!!!!! I am going to keep tabs on you the entire time!!! Remember it is not a race but an adventure!!!! Doesn’t matter what place you come in………just finish!!!! Sending good vibs!!!!!! Love ya brother…lovin forward to our relaxing float on the river post-tour divide!!!!! Got the beer in the cooler!!!!!!

    Team Crank Support Crew

  7. We are thinking about you and praying for energy, good weather, good time and certainly a win. Aunt Frances

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