Back at it……..dirtbike…..summer heat

Final stretch of the Tour

I’m back riding and training again. Working on getting those fast twitch muscles back up to speed. I actually was riding my bike 5 days after the Tour. I’m a sucker for pain. After the Tour, 2-3 hour rides seem like a walk in the park. I’m actually off to get a dirt bike, no I’m not going to race it. I got it for scouting good areas to train in the George Washington Nat. Forest and to have fun as well. Nothing like a rocket shooting you forward. I raced dirt bikes back in my 20s, seems weird saying that, but I will be 40 in November, crazy. It has been crazy hot and humid here in central VA. I have been out in it pedaling everyday almost, gotta keep those fluids up at this time of the year. Loving life and I hope everyone else is well. A few pics below to gander upon. Cheers!

Riding in Sherando last week
A bit of snow on the Tour
In the desert on the Tour
Road hazard in Colorado
Always climbing in the Tour
My new bike

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