2nd at 9 Hours of Hilbert

What a day! Hilbert once again was fast and flowy. I set up the pits and happened to set up right by our competition. I recruited Chris to race with me at Hilbert. We have been training together since I got back from the Tour. He has helped me get my pop back in my legs for the faster races. We decided to alternate laps one for one for the first 6 laps and then go to a 2 lap rotation. It worked good for us. We laid down fast laps that stayed consistent throughout the day. We battled back and forth with Eric and Frank all day for 1st. It really made a great race. I felt good even though the heat and humidity was sucking the energy right out of me. The battle of competition kept me alive and cranking hard. The course at Hilbert is so fun with flow all around the 6 mile lap. You can really jam on it as the roller coaster trail spins you and throws you out. The Sette carbon bike was a jewel for me and absorbed everything I could throw at it. Chris and I both showed up in good form and were pleased with our efforts. We ended up taking 2nd place in the Men’s Duo. I’m very proud of our efforts as we slipped in and out of 1st throughout the day. We kept Eric and Frank honest all day as they did us. In the end they created a 5 minute gap over 9 hours of racing. I recommend racing the Hilbert races, really well put on and a friendly atmosphere along with a fun course. Final tally was 18 laps in 8 hours and 49 minutes. Not bad for a day’s work. Training continues for me as I feel like I still have some pop to recover in my legs, but I’m close. I really felt great at Hilbert and I look forward to the rest of the season with vigor. Another great podium on a year that has already been filled with accomplishments and wonderful memories.



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