Training Racing Work Rest

I have started back to work and what an adjustment after being off for the summer. This summer I trained and raced. I created my daily schedule around it as I didn’t have work to balance. Now back at work and getting into a routine with that and training seems to be a slow lethargic process. I recently did an XC race, which isn’t my focus but is good for shaking things up and working on speed. I felt good, but I was lacking in the POW department. My result was 5th in the expert vet class, not bad. However, I knew that I was capable of more and should have finished higher. What I have realized is that I have had a big year with multiple endurance races and my body is tired. Now with work going, I have to balance myself and rest is even more important. We racers have to remember that rest is just as important as training and racing. I have a few races left on the year. My focus is going to be on having fun and getting rest. I have had one heck of a season for an about to be 40-year-old.

So, if you’re feeling tired from training, racing and work take some time to kick it back a notch and get some rest. Remember mountain biking is a lifestyle first and it should be fun, not work.

Happy Riding My Friends


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