Price Point and Sette in 2012

I must say that I’m one lucky rider and I know it. Now for the fourth year my boys over at Price Point and Sette have backed me up once again. I can’t thank them enough. They take care of me and put me on a bike that always delivers time and time again. I will be riding the Sette ISM Carbon Mountain Bike this year. The light features combined with its strength will come in handy as I dish it out around the tracks to come. Thank you Price Point and Sette, you rock!

Winter has been mild, which has allowed me to ride all winter. Not once have I pedaled on the trainer, amazing. Soon the races will be knocking and the challenges calling. I feel like I’m in good fitness at the moment for this time of the year. Soon I will get a better feel for that at the Monster Cross in Richmond. I’m using that race as a gauge for my fitness in order to see what I need to work on and tweak in Spring Training.

Just the other day Dave and I swung over to Sherando and had some lazy fun on the mountain bike for the day. Made a little video, check it out.


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