My Top 3 Sette Products

I ride and race a lot throughout the year and I require bikes/gear/equipment that are dependable and functional. These exploits take me through some insane terrain and conditions for extended periods of time. My bike related items are tested, trust me. I have listed below the top 3 Sette items that I must have and depend on every time I ride and race.

1- Without a bike you can’t go, so the Sette Serum (Serum Elite and Serum ISM) are my go to machines. They are light, strong and climb like nobody’s business. Don’t be fooled because it is a hard tail. It can absorb and flow through the rock gardens without hesitation. I have on numerous occasions put distance between myself and someone on a full-suspension bike going through a technical section.

Sette Serum Elite 10 Speed XTR Mountain Bike Only at

Sette Serum ISM 10 Speed XTR Mountain Bike Only at

2- The Sette Epic Mountain Bike Shoes are by far the best shoe I have used. They offer solid support for long rides. I have always been impressed with the comfort level after a long day. I’m able to run and walk in them without problem, which is important when in the backcountry. These shoes breathe well and dry out well after blasting through a creek. The ratchet mechanism has never failed me.

Sette Epic Mountain Shoes w/ Buckle at

3- I always ride with glasses for protection from thrown up rocks, swinging limbs, rain and dust. The Sette Vexx 1 Sunglasses do all of this while maintaining fashion appeal. The option of having 3 different lenses depending on your preference is a nice feature. I personally use the amber lenses the most. It brightens up the trail, especially in heavy foliage where the sunlight is being blocked out.

Sette Eyewear Vexx1 w/ 3  Lenses Only at

* One more item that I use regularly, but not on the trail is the Sette ST-116 Wall Mount Workstand. This stand is great in the sense that you can mount it wherever you need it as long as a wall is present. It rotates and adjusts to any fit. I have found that it is solid in design and functionality. I tinker on my bikes often, so I find this item a must have.

Sette Torx ST-116 Wall Mount Workstand at

Sette has so many great products that I use, but these three I always employ for my single track cravings. Price Point carries the full line of Sette items from bikes to clothing. Check them out for your mountain biking needs.



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