3rd at O-Hill

Courtesy of ToShun Campbell

First off, I’m always reminded after doing an XC race of why I focus on endurance racing. My fast twitch just isn’t what it used to be. The fast tempo is hard folks and these guys and girls are fast. I like going at 70-80 percent instead of 90+, which is what an XC race requires.

O-Hill is a race that has a tradition of delivering a punishing blow to those that face its rocky, steep and punchy face. I signed up for the Masters 35+ Expert division, which required 4 laps of in your face gnarly jamming on the pedals. I worked my way around the course into 3rd place and rode with some of the younger expert racers, which kept me red-lining the entire time. I swear that Chuck Norris jumped out in his invisible ninja cloak and punched me in the gut every lap. I’m still working those kinks out of my abs. Fun and pain for sure on a Sunday morning is always a treat.

Courtesy of ToShun Campbell

Blue Ridge Cyclery put on a great event at the University of Virginia location, thanks Shawn. It was great to see and race with friends. It was great to see Bob, ToShun, Dave among many others. A podium this early in the year is always good and the Sette Serum handled the daunting course majestically as is the norm. I feel like my fitness continues to grow a wider base and that I’m developing more power and punch, so watch out Chuck.

Thanks to ToShun Campbell for the pictures he donated. The 400 mile ITT of the Allegheny Loop looms just ahead.



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