In San Francisco


Although this isn’t about mountain biking directly, it is related. I have been in San Francisco attending a conference for counselors. It has been good and I have received some positive inspiration and energy for work relations. However, in addition I have had some free time to take in some pampering. This reminds me of how important it is to treat yourself to some kindness and treats, so to speak. You always hear about rest as an important aspect in the training regimen. I agree, but I also agree that rewarding yourself with the afore-mentioned is as important. Why? Well it establishes a healthy, positive and rejuvenated psyche, which affects the physical. Win-win! As you take in to consideration your regimen, make sure you add this into it as well. I find that people don’t do this nearly enough and that is often discarded. Consider it another form of rest.

I met up with my buddy, Erik Mathy, who is the team leader for our Pablove Team that is doing the Dirty Kanza in June. The last time I saw him was outside of Helena, MT during the Tour Divide. It was great to catch up and hang out with him. Erik is a great guy and does a lot for charity. On top of that he is a single speeding machine. I look forward to seeing him soon in Kansas as we turn some pedals once again.

Thanks San Francisco


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